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The 1st Congress of Global Children Healthcare Collaboration & Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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10:40 AM

On 14-16th September Cerebral Palsy Alliance co-hosted “The 1st Congress of Global Children Healthcare Collaboration & Cerebral Palsy Alliance” in Changsha, China. This inaugural summit was co-organised by Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Preterm Birth International Collaborative (PREBIC) in conjunction with the Children’s Health Collaboration Network for Developing Countries and Hunan Children’s Hospital. Professor Nadia Badawi, AM co-chaired the summit with Dr Nambert Zhong, President of PREBIC, and Director of the Pediatric Research Institute of HPCH, and Dr Lihong Tan, President of Hunan Children’s Hospital, and Chairman of the Children’s Health Collaboration Network. Prof Badawi and Mr Andrew Buchanan, representing the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Board of Directors, delivered key note speeches launching World CP Day in China. Other presenters and delegates from Cerebral Palsy Alliance and The University of Sydney, included Ms Prue Golland, Dr Tasneem Karim, Dr Cathy Morgan, Dr Sarah McIntyre, Dr Maria McNamara, Associate Professor Karen Walker and Professor Alistair McEwan. International experts including representatives from the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and the GATES Foundation were also in attendance. Exciting opportunities for training and educational exchange, and future research collaborations were identified.