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Apply to be a Nurse, Midwife or Physician Educator

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12:51 PM

Health professionals are the backbone of strong health systems and the key drivers to linking communities to care and achieving health for all. Through strong collaboration with the public sector, Seed Global Health (Seed) educates a rising generation of physicians, nurses, and midwives to help strengthen access to high-quality care. They believe that training effectively, building the workforce, and ensuring sustainability requires a long and deep investment; and they are committed to such engagement.

Seed believes that people are the most important levers of change in the health system. At the same time, they recognize that for these changes to endure and sustain, they need to work at an individual and systems level to build skills, knowledge, and capacity. Their core strategy centers on placing skilled and qualified physician, nurse, and midwife educators in visiting faculty roles at partner institutions for a minimum of one academic year.

Seed Educators work with their local counterparts to help meet critical health education, practice, and policy priority needs identified by our partners. Together, they advance health professionals’ education and training in the classroom and clinical setting. Ultimately, they enhance health workers’ ability to deliver services effectively and sustainably where needed the most.

Applications for 2020-2021 Seed Educator positions are now open. Suitable applicants will be invited to interview within 2 weeks of submitting a completed application.

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