Improving Maternal Child and Adolescent Health

How to Grow a Healthy Generation

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Conference: How to Grow a Healthy Generation

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Venue: UNSW Ainsworth Building Room 102 (tbc), Kensington NSW 2052

Date: 24 July 2019 5:30PM – 7:45PM

Conference Introduction

The conference will focus on children's health and development, with aims to address best practices and solutions for children’s wellbeing. It brings together paediatric professionals, researchers and medical practitioners from both Australia and China to share ideas and developments in children's health.


•    Provide a platform for critical discussions on contemporary approaches to infant-toddler nutrition and healthcare

•    Facilitate exchanges of information on works conducted in Australia and China

•    Encourage reflective thinking on infant-toddler practice, pedagogy, and research

 Conference Topics

•    Infant feeding and allergy prevention

•    Obesity and malnutrition among children in Australia and China

•    The health of migrant children

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