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Infant formula in focus in Indonesia and Australia

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12:00 PM

Last week, colleagues from the University of Sydney (USYD), Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) met in Denpasar to finalise research funded by the Australia Indonesia Centre (AIC).

The research tasks included completing a snapshot analysis of infant formula at point of sale in Indonesian and Australian sites (both rural and urban), clarification of a coding framework for the analysis of the interviews conducted with mothers and health professionals in both countries and to further plan the dissemination of the research findings.

The research team at the workshop included Dr Nina Berry (USYD), Dr Shannon McKinn (USYD); Dr Titis Prawitasari (UI), Dr Pramita Gayatri (UI), Ms Hanifa (UI); Dr Muhammad Farid Dimyati Lusno (UNAIR), Dr Setya Haksama (UNAIR) and Ms Anis Wulandari (UNAIR).

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