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New Podcast episode Tuberculosis

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New episode out now!

Tune in to the SGM&CHN podcast series Talking Global & Maternal Child Health for the latest episode:

#06 Tuberculosis: how can we improve prevention and treatment for children and young people?

In this podcast episode, hosted by Dr Sarah Bernays we hear from three experts working in paediatric tuberculosis (TB) around the world. Prof Ben Marais introduces the reasons why diagnosis and treatment of paediatric TB has historically lagged even further behind than adult TB and amazing potential for progress that exists. Dr Julie Huynh talks us through one example of this in research that she is doing in Vietnam within the SURE trial, which is testing the effectiveness of treatments that can be delivered at scale globally. Finally, we hear from Ms Patricia Moscibrodski, who tells us about a recently completed qualitative study that she conducted with adolescents affected by TB in Zimbabwe, highlighting the need for us to focus on addressing the pyschosocial effects of TB and how the provision of support may improve both TB outcomes, but also young people’s mental health. Listen here!