Improving Maternal Child and Adolescent Health

Talking Global & Maternal Child Health Podcast

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12:00 PM

Tune in to the first episode of Talking Global & Maternal Child Health Podcast Series!

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This podcast episode is based on the recording of the 'What lessons have we learned from COVID-19 that can ensure we better protect the health and wellbeing of children in future pandemics?’ webinar. This webinar is present by Dr Sarah Bernays and Dr Phoebe Williams from the SGM&CHN, joined by the following speakers:

  • Professor Rashida Ferrand – Professor of International Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM); and the Biomedical Research and Training Institute, Harare.
  • Professor Fiona Russell – Paediatrician and Epidemiologist; Child and Adolescent Health PhD Program Lead - Murdoch Children's Research Institute; and Deputy Director of the Australian Regional Immunisation Alliance.
  • Dr Archana Koirala – Paediatric Infectious Diseases physician and Staff Specialist, the National Centre for Immunisation and Research Surveillance.

This podcast series is presented by the University of Sydney Global Maternal and Child Health Network.